ZIGEN Product series

ZIGEN line up is as following, sorted by unique patented technology

ZIGEN 1 series ; Standard COB from 3 Watt to 35 Watt.

<3 Mac Adam Step for S,F,K type and and <2.5 Mac Afam Step color control for D type

>130lm/W in hot performance.

3 pad design for easier soldering from one-side of substrate.

ZG1S** S-type (1208 size)

ZG1B** K-type (1512 size)

ZG1D** D-type (2420 size)

ZIGEN 1 series catalogue

ZIGEN 2 series ; Dim to warm series by 6,9,13W.

The typical performance in Ra>90 now reaches, 93lm/W (13W 2000-3000K, ZG2BRG23L00)
Together with Amber to 3000K line up.

– 3 pad design for easier soldering from one-side of substrate.
– Unique technology to make smooth dimming function, granted patent.
– Narrow color distribution, manufactured in Japan

How smoothly works from 2000K to 3000K through dimming, see below movie.

ZG2BRM 6W type

dim to warm



dim to warm cob

COB size : 15x12mm LES Φ8.9mm
ZIGEN2 seires catalogue


ZIGEN 5 series ; Dim to warm solution for line

Through Dimming down, ZG5 GEAR smoothly shift output channel from our patented (granted) technology.
By connecting 2 color stripe (ex. 2000K and 3000K combination) with ZG5 module,
LED stripe will create warm dimming effect.
(Adapted LED driver : 24V PWM dimming output)

For the detail of ZG5 P/N : ZG5M-19AT24XDW00, please see here.

How ZG5 works is shown in below.


For inquirly, please contact through here, or our sales representative.

We can provide customized color solution to match to your lighting application, based on above technology.

Our LED products are under NIMS license agreement. (pat. JP3931239, JP4234161, JP4070219 etc.)