ZG6 series
Double / Triple CCT COB : simply by switching electrode terminal connections

2700K-3000K & 3000K-3500K switch now available

 CH setCCTIFVFFluxConditionSizeLES 
ZG6BGX34W0SCH13000K500 mA17.7 V1030 lmTj=25 Ra>9015 x 12 mm8.7 mm
CH1+CH24000K500 mA17.2 V1110 lm
ZG6CGC34Z0SCH13000K500 mA35.6 V2150 lmTj=25 Ra>9019 x 19 mm15.0 mm
CH1+CH24000K500 mA34.3 V2350 lm
ZG6CGD34Z0SCH13000K700 mA35.4 V3000 lmTj=25 Ra>9019 x 19 mm15.0 mm
CH1+CH24000K700 mA34.2 V3300 lm
ZG6BGXWMW0TCH12700K500 mA17.7 V980 lmTj=25 Ra>9015 x 12 mm8.7 mm
CH1+CH23000K500 mA17.0 V1040 lm
CH23500K500 mA17.7 V1050 lm
ZG6BGXW4W0TCH12700K500 mA17.7 V960 lmTj=25 Ra>9015 x 12 mm8.7 mm
CH1+CH23000K500 mA17.3 V1010 lm
CH24000K500 mA18.1 V1040 lm
ZG6CGDWMZ0TCH12700K700 mA34.6 V3000 lmTj=25 Ra>9019 x 19 mm15.0 mm
CH1+CH23000K700 mA33.9 V3150 lm
CH23500K700 mA35.2 V3150 lm
ZG6CGDW4Z0TCH12700K700 mA34.5 V2750 lmTj=25 Ra>9019 x 19 mm15.0 mm
CH1+CH23000K700 mA33.9 V2850 lm
CH23500K700 mA36.1 V2900 lm

■ How to implement CCT switch ?
  Just add simple switch on your fixture.
ZG6 CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) Switchable COBs have common anode(+) and CH1 & CH2 cathode(-).
By selecting cathode to connect, CCT can be switched.
Dual channel driver or complicated system is not necessary to achieve CCT switch function.
Keep existing driver is OK to use.

■ What is advantage of ZG6 COB ?
Not only ZG6 achieved 2700-3000-4000K CCT combination,
ZIGEN’s solution advantage in CCT switchable COB is
  – Keeping high performance in every CCT. ~ up to >120lm/W in 3000K Ra>90
  – Good color control (step 3 size) in every CCT.
So, ZIGEN can offer color switchable COB as direct replacement of standard COBs.

ZG6 production
ZG6BGX34W0S production x,y distribution
■ What is actual merit to use CCT switchable COB ?
Applying CCT switch solution,
  – Manufacturers / resellers doesn’t need keep stock for every CCT.
  – Save shipping & warehouse cost.
  – Manufacturers / resellers can be flexible to end customer needs.
  – Manufacturers / resellers can focus on promotion.
ZG6 : CCT switch LED
TRI-CCCT Switch movie (2700->3000->4000->3000->2700 K)

■ What is the technical advantage of ZIGEN ZG6 ?
CCT switch COB (or LED module) in the market using warm white LED and cool white LED combination is structured as below.
  – Warm white (by warm white channel)
  – Middle white (by warm white channel + cool white channel)
  – Cool white (by cool whit echannel)

Apparently, there are two major disadvantage in such a conventional technology.
  1) Just half of LED light up in warm white / cool white, which causes less power
  2) Middle color point locates in the middle of warm white and cool white color point.

ZIGEN 2700K-3000K-4000K control
ZG6 patented technology over comes those issues, and provide following customer merit
  1) >2/3 LED chips inside always keep contribute to achieve better light performance.
  2) color point can be controlled at exact point of customer needs.
So, ZIGEN is only LED company able to achieve 2700K-3000K-4000K color, without using current control module / system to each channel.