ZG7 series
ZIGEN Tunable white : WORLD 1st follow BBL COB, which enable CCT starting from 2000K

 CH setCCTIFVFFluxConditionSizeLES 
ZG7BGXL5W00CH12200K500 mA17.6 V900 lmRa~88 / Tj=2515 x 12 mm8.7 mm
CH1+CH23600K500 mA17.0 V1020 lmRa~95
CH25000K500 mA17.6 V920 lmRa~93
ZG7BGX24W00CH12000K500 mA17.6 V820 lmRa~88 / Tj=25 15 x 12 mm8.7 mm
CH1+CH23100K500 mA17.0 V970 lmRa~95
CH24000K500 mA17.6 V950 lmRa~93

■ Importance of On-BBL (Black Body Line) technology in tunable white

Actually, the reason of “why tunable white LED in the market all start from 2700K or above” is because light become pink color in the middle CCT range.
As shown above, color change by conventional tunable white LED move straightly between 2 color point.
So, when color range is set from 2000K to 5000K, middle color point around 3000K stay >step 6 away from color target and becomes too pink .
That’s why conventional tunable white available in the market only starts from 2700K or above.
Only ZG7 can provide tunable white starting from 2000K, important color as Sunset color temperature for human centric lighting

■ Why ZIGEN can provide On-BBL COB solution ?
ZIGEN has patented technology in LED structure and using 3 phosphor color by 2 CH control makes tunable white LED able to provide On-BBL color change.
We are planning to adopt this technology to higher power COB and SMT solution in soon.

■ Controlled color quality.
ZIGEN check 3 color point during production.
at both edge and at the middle color.
Also, step 3 control is also no change from standard series.

Actual reference of tunable white performance from 2200K to 5000K

supported by GRE Alpha driver solution

SMD package solution

  Some of applications like flat panel, COB LED may not be suitable.
  We can offer customized SMD package solution based on your needs.
  Please contact from here with information of required CCT range and a type of SMD package.
  NOTE: below graph is an example of ON-BBL tunable white using SMD solution.

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