ZGA series
WORLD Smallest LES dim to warm COB : help excellence lighting design by 10 degree beam angle

ZGACGM23U002000K30 mA9.9 V13 lmTj 25, Ra>90 19 x 19 mm3.9 mm
3000K350 mA11.4 V330 lm
3000K500 mA11.7 V450 lm

※above is reference. support is by custom request only.

benefit of ZGA
Light beam comparison between ZGA and Other Dim to Warm
( left : 2000K, right : 3000K )
■ What is a benefit of small LES in Dim to Warm COB ?
Small 3.9mm LES is very important to realize narrow beam.
Not only achieve Dim to Warm, but also achieve “No beam angle change” during dimming, which makes light quality better.
Light beam pattern (together with Herculux’s Black_Hole-6879)
Combined with appropriate optics, even 10 degree light spot can be realized with nice mixing color.
also, beam angle does not change through dimming. It is also an benefit to design lighting.
■ Why only ZIGEN can offer 3.9mm LES Dim to Warm COB ?
Thanks to ZIGEN patented technology, ZIGEN can design “Dim to Warm” just from min.2 LED chip combination.
while, other dim to warm in the market at least need 6 LED chip or more.
With ZIGEN cutting edge technology included precise color control, we bring ZGA series in the market.
■ Sets of optics solution
  Following are optics solution together with IES file.

Optical partscurrentbeam angleies file
Black Hole Herculux30 mA11.1° Download
300 mA9.3° Download
Dark series Herculux30 mA11.4° Download
100 mA11.2° Download
Diamond Herculux30 mA14.2° Download
100 mA13.9° Download
KA 43@19 Herculux30 mA11.1° Download
300 mA11.4° Download